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Notebook and Pen


Please read all the following information carefully because it explains the agreements that will underpin our work together.  I've tried not to drone on, but rather cover the critical stuff you will need to know about the practicalities of things, as well as important information about confidentiality, payment and appointments.  

You will need to agree to this terms before we start.  So, if there is anything you do not understand or would want to chat through, please contact me to do so and I'll be happy to explain.

the important stuff...

arranging sessions

You can book via my booking page 30- 60- or 90- minute sessions.  The fee is charged at an hourly rate and my current fees can be found here. I would give you 3-months notice if I needed to change the hourly fee rate for ongoing coaching.

frequency of sessions

You might simply want a one-off session, have sessions regularly (either pay as you go, or in-advance payment), or meet when you need.  To help me manage my commitment to you, it is important that we always have a session booked in the diary (whenever it is, even a while in advance if you prefer).  Once we get going, we will discuss and book the next session at the end of the previous one.

session login details

You will receive an email from me a few days before each session.  This will confirm your session login details depending on your online platform preference (if using Zoom, this will be the same each session).  This email will also contain the invoice for the session.

paying for sessions

Once you receive your email, please pay it promptly, and certainly by the end of the day the session was held.  I can only be paid via BACs, and these details will be shown on the invoice.  But, for reference, the details are: 

Bank Name:  Starling Bank

Account:  05788996

Sort Code:  60-83-71

Account Name:  Andrew Reeves

Please make a note of these details for the purposes of payment.

cancelling sessions

Things happen, so as long as you let me know I wont charge for a cancelled session.  What I do ask however, is that when you cancel you use my booking page to book in an alternative time.

Sessions not attended without any notice will be charged for at the full agreed rate. Sessions will be suspended if there are payments outstanding or overdue.

ending our work together

You can end our sessions any time - just let me know. Ideally we would have a final session, but this is not a requirement of our work. If I need to end our work, I would give you three months’ notice.

Please ensure you keep in contact with me so I don’t assume you have ended our work.


Our discussions in sessions are confidential. I would not discuss any aspect of our work together with anyone else beyond my immediate professional supervision (which is an ethical requirement). Your specific identity would not be used in supervision discussions.

Should I have concerns about your or someone else’s immediate safety, wherever possible and appropriate, I would discuss this with you first. I would always try to seek your permission to speak to a third party (e.g., your GP), but would reserve the right to contact them if delay would increase the immediate risk.

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and work to their ethical requirements. 

other boundaries

If you work as a therapist, we will not be able to discuss your client work.  Coaching isn't therapy supervision and it would not be appropriate to share that level of client detail with me.  It is important you take any concerns about your client work to your supervision.

We can however, talk about your work as a therapist in more general terms as that might be an important part of the coaching work you wish to do.

technical problems

If we experience technical problems during one of our sessions, we can revert to telephone if you prefer, or re-arrange.  If a session is severely disrupted due to technical problems I will not charge for the session.

In the event of interruption, my number is 07943 453623.


I may sometimes ask for verbal or written feedback on the sessions to help me reflect on my own work.

change in fees

If I needed to change the hourly fee rate for ongoing coaching, you would be given 3-months notice of the change.

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