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You're likely to have some questions about who I am, what I do, how I do it and how that might help you.  I've tried to cover some of the ground below.  If your question isn't covered, do contact me and I'll be happy to provide you with an answer.


what are your qualifications?

As a coach I have a Postgraduate Diploma in Coaching from the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).  As a therapist I have a... [deep breath]... Diploma in Counselling, an MA in Counselling (Liverpool University), MSc in Counselling (Salford University) and a PhD in Counselling and Psychotherapy (University of Birmingham). I am a qualified supervisor (Salford University) and an accredited supervisor in coaching (EMCC). I am a qualified social worker (CQSW and Professional Diploma, Oxford Brookes University).

ooh, impressive... anything else?

Well, now you come to mention it, I am a Fellow of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (I was Chair of BACP too for 5 years until 2019), and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. I am a Senior Accredited Coach with EMCC, an Accredited Coach Supervisor with EMCC, a Senior Accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist with BACP and Registered with Social Work England as a Social Worker.

what type of coaching do you offer?

I enjoy working with individuals, teams or organisations (but mostly work with individuals). I offer therapy-informed coaching, which means that I can help you identify personal or emotional difficulties that might be currently getting in your way and help you develop solutions to those problems so that you can move forward successfully. Therapy often focuses on looking back and making sense of things that have happened; coaching is more about looking forward to thinking about where do I want to go, and how am I going to get there. I have the skills and qualifications to bring the two together, which is a great context for the work I do.

what sort of areas of focus do you work with as a coach?

People come to me for different things. With individuals, I work with people on: career development; personal efficacy and development; work/life balance; business and strategy development; professional strategies for different areas of development, such as writing for publication, qualification choices etc; self-confidence and self-esteem; and developing personal or professional performance. With organisations I can offer: direct input with teams and how people work together; Trustee and Board effectiveness; and strategy development. My broad range of qualifications and experience over many years means I can bring a lot of insight and perspectives to the table. But, if I don't think I am the right person to help, I will be honest about that and help you find a person who is.

what if I am not sure, but want to find out more?

That's an easy one: if I was looking for a coach I wouldn't commit to working with someone until I had met them. Research tells us that whatever theories or qualifications the coach has, it is the quality of the working relationship that makes the real difference. So, I would want you to chat to me first. I offer a free (yes, free!) 30-minute session to talk to me and ask any questions. After that, you decide whether to go-ahead or not. Just contact me.

do I have to agree to long-term coaching - what if I want to stop?

That is a question I will ask you regularly: do you think this is helping you? You will always be in control and can stop coaching anytime you wish, without having to give me a reason. You can pay for sessions on a session-by-session basis, or book 6 in advance (for a 10% discount on the hourly rate). We will work together for as long as you think it is helpful to and we will evaluate our work regularly.

what happens in the 30-minute introductory call?

We will arrange a mutually convenient time where we can talk. I will ask you a few questions about what you are looking for and what you might want to achieve. There will also be time for you to ask me any questions about me or my work, to help you make a decision about whether to make a start with me. I will also talk through the key agreements that would underpin our work - such as confidentiality - and I'll also send you a link to read them through too. Then, if you want to continue, I will ask you to complete a Coaching Registration Form, which is just basic contact information and which will take you about 5 minutes to complete. Then, we make a start!

do you follow any professional codes of practice?

Absolutely, all the time. As a member of EMCC I abide by their Code of Ethics. As a member of BACP, I abide by their Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions (which includes coaching). I am happy to send you a copy of these on request. In short, these are the two documents that will state the minimum standard of our work together.

how do I book sessions, and how often will we meet?

Booking sessions is easy: I will give you a booking link where you can book 30- 60- or 90- minute sessions directly with me. How often we meet will be entirely up to you. Some people like to meet weekly or fortnightly, or at least begin that way. Other people prefer to book sessions when they think they will next be ready to review progress. We will always have the next session in the diary so you know the timescales we have agreed to work to. Like all my work, this is negotiable and driven by your needs.

do you use any particular theories or techniques for coaching?

Because I am trained as a coach, therapist and social worker, I am familiar with a broad range of ways of working together. I am a pluralistic coach though, which means I think people need different things at different times. We will talk about what you might need and I will help you to think about the best approach. This is a collaborative way of working where the 'power dynanics' in the relationship is shared between us. I also believe that our own resources - our 'cultural resources' - are critically important in helping us achieve our goals. So, we will talk about your existing strengths as building blocks for your future planning.

do I have to travel to see you?

For coaching I work entirely online (using MS Teams, Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp video) - your preference. This means it doesn't matter where you live in the UK, I am able to work with you and you don't have to worry about the cost and inconvience of travel. I deliver training online too, but can also do face-to-face training sessions if you prefer.

how much does it cost?

I will always be transparent about my pricing. I charge £100 per hour for coaching for a session-by-session contract. If you want to book 6 sessions and pay in advance, I offer a 10% discount on this fee. My fees for training and consultation are slightly different - do have a look on my 'costs' page for all the details.

this is sounding great - when do I start?

Check for spaces and, if the icon is green, I have space to work with more people. Then simply contact me and I will arrange a time for our introductory call. If it is a good match then we will book a time for our first session and get going.

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