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I've trained over 20,000 practitioners across the UK and Europe - both face to face and online - in a range of topics related to risk, safeguarding, mental health, ethics, self-care and research. Maybe I can meet your training needs too?

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I've been delivering practice-based and highly-regarded training for donkey's years - both face to face and in online environments (such as MS Teams and Zoom).  I love the interaction between training participants, and me as trainer, to create a safe, supportive but challenging environment in which we can learn and question.

I have offered training across a wide-range of mental health areas, including men's mental health, critical approaches to mental health and self-care, and trauma.  Specifically in the area of counselling and psychotherapy, I have an international reputation in training around risk (suicide, self-injury, safeguarding, for example) and ethics, and am known to offer safe but practically-valuable training, drawing on my many year's experience as a practitioner (social worker, therapist and coach), my research and publications.

I can make 'difficult' subjects accessible - and why should they remain difficult - so that we can really delve deep and work on developing the best for those we support.  I always ensure my training best meets your organisation's needs, so that content can be tailored and made bespoke.  Interested?  Contact me and let's have a chat about what we can do.

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