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Want an opinion?  I've always got one to share.  But want an informed, thoughtful, insightful, evidence-based and practice-relevant opinion?  Well, I've got lots of them too to help you think about particular areas of practice and development for you and your working context.


consultation: want to know more...

General Thoughts about Consultation

Those who know me say I have often got lots to say.  But, and thankfully, they follow that up by saying my perspectives, built and shaped by many years of work across a full range of sectors, always bring something new and refreshing to an area.

Some might I say I have 'been round the block' - if that means I've I worked in mental health crisis services, child protection, schools, universities, the charity sector and independent practice - then I certainly have. Over the last nearly-40 years I have built insider-insight into the challenges and needs of such settings. Additionally, my research and writing about risk, mental health, ethics and good-practice stands me in excellent stead to offer you and your working context a new and refreshing perspective.

I'm not afraid to challenge, but also balance that with support, empathy and humour (yes, we can have a laugh while attending to a particular problem).  I can consult on policy, practice, ethics, research and a whole stack of interesting things around mental health, counselling, psychotherapy and coaching. Interested? Why not contact me to find out a bit more?

Organisational Consultation

Sometimes organisations want to consider or address specific areas of practice, such as working with people at risk, or integrating ethics in day-to-day work.  I am happy to work at an organisational level to help you achieve the changes that are needed for your setting.  I can work with individuals in organisations, or with the wider organisation on a number of areas of practice.


Always happy to talk through your needs more to help you decide which is the best way forward.

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