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Drawing on many year's experience of working with people and organisations across a range of sectors, I offer innovative, exciting and insightful coaching experiences to help you identify - and achieve - your future goals.


coaching: want to know more...

You name it, I've done it in supporting people from a range of backgrounds, communities and identities. As a social worker, qualified therapist and coach, I weave all my professional and personal experiences to help others make the changes they seek.  I don't simply draw on coaching ideas to help you, I build trusting and meaningful relationships to help you understand yourself more, reflect on what is 'now' and what 'might be', and help you identify your personal and professional goals.  There are different things we can do in individual coaching and in our initial 30-minute meeting (no charge for this) we can talk through your needs in more detail.  Below are just some examples of the things we could focus on:


Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic coaching integrates my many years' experience of working as a therapist with my skills as coach, offering you space and time to deal with issues that might be causing distress or difficulty, while also looking ahead at the changes you want or need to make and how you are going to achieve your goals. The number of sessions we have isn't limited so you can access this type of support for as long as it is helpful for you to do so.

Developmental Coaching

This sort of work is less defined by therapeutic approaches but rather focuses on a specific area(s) that you are wanting to develop.  I will still draw on my extensive knowledge of therapeutic theories but our focus will be on your personal and professional development.  This might include creating a developmental strategy for yourself to help you meet your goals.

Writing Coaching

I have published extensively, including books, edited books, book chapters, research articles, practitioner articles and online pieces (such as e-learning and web content).  I work with people who are wanting to develop their writing and start publishing, to build confidence to get your ideas into the wider world.

Research Coaching

I teaching on two practitioner professional doctorates (one in Counselling and Psychotherapy, the other in Psychological Trauma at the University of Chester) and am also an experienced PhD supervisor with many successful completions.  I can work with you individually to build your confidence and knowledge to either undertake your own research individually, or take your steps towards Masters or Doctoral study.

These are just examples; I am always happy to talk with you to build your own bespoke coaching focus.


Collaboration is the key: we will work together to co-produce your ideas for development and change.  I can offer flexible and responsive sessions, when you want and how you want them.  Working online, we can work at your pace, reviewing and reflecting on progress as we go.  You might simply want a one-off session, or regular coaching, or perhaps something more agile to your changing needs - we can agree what you need before we start (and change if we need to).

And having a laugh too... humour is a key aspect in relationships and I don't see why we can't share lighter moments while keeping the serious business in focus.  Interested?  Why not contact me and arrange a free consultation appointment to find out more and fire questions at me.  No obligation.

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