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Interested in Coaching?

Do have a look below to find out more about working with me in coaching

I'm delighted that you might be interested in starting some coaching work with me.  This page contains some very basic information about coaching and how it might work for you practically.  If you take a look at my page on coaching, it will tell you a little more about what coaching is and what informs my work.

Before we begin, we would arrange a 30-minute initial conversation, where you could describe a little more about what you are looking for, and I can answer any questions.  Then, I would ask you go have a think and, if you decide to go ahead, to let me know and I will ask you to complete a simple Coaching Registration Form (basic contact information, which I would need to receive back before we begin working together).

If you are ready to make a start, do have a look at my Agreements document, which will inform our work and be the basis of our working contract, and then click the calendar link to book our initial chat.  To be clear, there is no charge for our initial conversation, but subsequent sessions will be charged at my current rate.

Please don't book a full session until you have had a 30-minute session with me.

In the meantime, if you have any questions do drop me a line at

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Agreements Document

Book Initial Session

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