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Details of my single-authored and edited books

Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy.png

Introduction to Counselling and Psychotherapy: 3rd Edition

The third edition of my best-selling text was published in 2022

Handbook of Individual Therapy.png

Handbook of Individual Therapy: 6th Edition

Now in its sixth edition, this book was published in 2013

Working with Risk.png
Standards and Ethics.png

Working with Risk in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Standards and Ethics for Counselling in Action: 5th Edition

My key text that considers a wide range of risks, published in 2015

Now in its fifth edition, this text on ethics was published in 2021

Key Issues.png

Key Issues for Counselling in Action: 2nd Edition

One of Sage's key books, this edition published in 2008

Self harm.png

Challenges in Counselling: Self-Harm

Looking at self harm in therapy

Counselling suicidal clients.png

Counselling Suicidal Clients

One of the few books written specifically for counsellors about suicide risk, published in 2010

Essential Issues.png

Essential Issues in Counselling and Psychotherapy: Series

I am Series Editor of this series of 4 books

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