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Professional Training

Interventions drawing on contemporary and evidence-based therapy models

Who do I offer training for?

I have delivered training in many different contexts for over 30 years. Drawing on my social work and therapy training, together with the fact that I have worked in a full-range of organisational contexts, my training can really meet your needs.  As an experienced practitioner in health and social care settings, schools and universities, third sector and independent practice, I understand the unique demands of these settings.

I offer training to specific teams, organisations and independent training providers. My training sessions are suitable for therapists, social workers, mental health workers, medical professions working in mental health, policy makers, commissioners and third sector and business Trustee Boards and Executive teams.

I always ensure my training is bespoke to particular settings. In broad terms, I deliver training specifically around risk, suicide and self-injury, safeguarding, supervision mental health, ethics and boundaries, men's mental health, practitioner-research, working as a Board of Trustees, for example.  However, my experience enables me to develop training resources and sessions to best meet your needs.

If you're interested in my training sessions, which frequently attract praise and re-bookings, do contact me to find out more.

What training do I offer?

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