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Individual and Team Coaching

Offering a pluralistic approach to individual, team and organisational coaching

What is 'coaching'?

Coaching can be delivered to a range of people, across a range of settings. Different types of coaching might include: executive coaching; relational coaching; career coaching; or coaching that focuses on very particular areas, such as strategic planning, or writing for publication, for example.

The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) say that:

"Coaching is an art: that of helping a person or a group to develop and enhance their professional, relational and personal potential in the realization of their projects and to take their rightful place in the relationship they have with themselves, others and their environment... coaching is an approach that can also be adapted to support a team or an organisation, whatever its area of activity"


(EMCC, 2023)

Building on EMCC's broad definition of coaching above, a pluralistic approach to coaching draws on a philosophical principle that no one-size-fits-all.  That is, people need different things at different times and coaching should be a collaborative relationship that draws on the personal, professional and cultural resources of the coachee.  Utry, Palmer, McLeod and Cooper (2022) define pluralistic coaching as:

"...not a set of techniques but a commitment in practice to deeply value the coachee’s needs, which can be achieved by encouraging him or her to actively participate in the management of the coaching process. Through this, the coachee is not only working towards their goals, but also stretching his or her collaborative and challenging capacity. These are skills they potentially can transfer to other areas of work and life."

in Passmore, J. and Tee, D. (2022) Coaching Practiced. 1st edn. Wiley. (Accessed: 18 February 2023).

What is a 'pluralistic' approach to coaching?

What I Offer

I am a pluralistic coach, my practice informed by the two definitions above.  I work with individuals, groups, teams and organisations to help them identify, focus on, and achieve their goals.  I bring my 40 years' experience working in a range of settings and contexts to facilitate people with empathy, insight and humour to meet people's potential.

Coaching may be a one-off session, a specific input for a team or group, a series of sessions at a changing frequency or a regular and longer-term commitment to working together; all depending on your needs.

If you are interested in coaching with me, do make contact to arrange a free-no commitment conversation online or via the phone to talk through your needs and to ask any questions.  

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