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Consultation and Development

Consultation to groups, organisations and executive and Trustee teams

What consultation do I offer?

I have worked extensively over the years offering consultation and guidance drawing on my extensive experience as a social worker and therapist in a full range of organisational settings, including independent practice.

My particular expertise is in developing policy and practice around risk and safeguarding in mental health contexts, ensuring best practice that is consistent with the latest evidence-based and evidence-informed literature.  Additionally, as someone immersed in the development of ethics, and author of key texts on ethical practice, I am able to offer consultation on developing best practice in therapy and mental health contexts.

I have additional experience in working with teams, providing facilitated input for groups and teams, including effective working relationships amongst Board Trustee groups and Executive Teams.

I enjoy working with individuals, helping them to reflect on their own practice, or supporting them develop an independent practice, looking for input in creating best practice in policy and client-facing materials.

As a previous Chair of Trustees in a large national charity, and Board and Advisory Group member for other higher education and third sector organisations, I work with Trustees and Executive Teams to help develop effective working relationships.

I have worked with many organisational teams, looking at their own working relationships, debriefing particular issues across the full organisational setting.  Additionally, I can offer insightful input in creating policy and practice for therapy organisations, including around risk and safeguarding.

Who do I offer consultation and development work to?

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