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Conference Presentations

Delivering excellence at national and international conferences

Conference keynotes

I have delivered keynote opening and plenary talks at local, regional, national and international conferences for 30 years.  I present across a range of areas and interests, including: mental health; working with risk; working with suicide potential; self-care; men's mental health; ethics and practice; and pluralism and collaborative relationships.

Conferences have including the National Samaritans conference, the AGM for PAPYRUS, Relate, University of Malta Research Conference, BACP's international Research Conference, BACP's Student Conference, amongst others.

Many conferences hold embedded workshops and break-out sessions for delegates, including stakeholders, policy-makers, practitioners, managers, Trustees, clients and service-users.

The sessions I offer can include experiential sessions, teaching, practitioner workshops, consultation events and policy and strategy discussions.  These can focus on issue-specific events (such as client presenting issues), organisational-specific issues (such as for Trustees or Executive teams), and strategy or policy-specific issues (such as developing organisational strategy, or consultation).

Conference workshops and experiential sessions

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